Posthumously Castrated Napoleon
and Nine Other Plundered Body Parts

11.02.12 Irina Dvalidze

Mussolini’s brain, Einstein’s eyeballs, Ché Guevara’s ponytail, Beethoven’s ears and Napoleon’s penis… People have stolen some strange things over the years. Here’s All Time 10s newest release: “10 Famous Stolen Body Parts.” It’s very educational.

The London based YouTube channel’s video is fascinating. Hmm. Mmm. Has some strange Dr. Frankenstein-type been trying to stitch together a seriously powerful super-monster with hopes for world domination?

The list includes some unlikely items, like Ann Boelyn’s heart, which the King of All Perverts Henry the VIII supposedly kept in a hear- shaped box. And in fun facts of the day: apparently, Ché’s hair is worth the same as Napoleon’s penis. Talk about bruising a dead man’s ego.