“100 Days of Summer” aka Stunning Photos of Open Fire Hydrants

08.23.12 Charles le Brigand

I’ve spent three summers pacing up and down the boiling blocks of Brooklyn and the Bronx trying to capture the playful festival-like energy of these New York City streets, and fire hydrants are what best exemplify this energy. When the valves are open, they release an incredible amount of happiness, pride and mischievous ingenuity. Water brings communities together, crystalizes a moment of euphoria, and relieves its liberators from the summer heat. And while kids are playing with sprinklers, men, typically occupy their afternoon shuffling tiles a few feet away. After all, adults are just kids with bills.

Stephane Missier alias Charles le Brigand is a Brooklyn-based photographer who captures powerful images of New York City. The photos he allowed ANIMAL to publish are from “100 Days of Summer,” a series that “includes more than 100 pictures of open fire hydrants.” There’s many more over here.

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