1WTC Will Be 1,776 Feet Tall After All

11.12.13 Andy Cush

New Yorkers everywhere are breathing a collective sigh of relief: One World Trade Center, after the threat of having its intended height of 1,776 feet stripped from it earlier this year, will rise to that patriotic, freedom-lovin’ number after all.

The deeply silly symbolic height was called into question in September, when the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat started splitting hairs between an antennas and spires. Antennas, you see, aren’t considered part of the building, but spires are. The council called into question the spire-dom pointy thing of the pointy thing atop 1WTC, which would take hundreds of feet from its official height.

Now, after begging and pleading from David Childs, the tower’s lead designer they’ve decided the structure is indeed a spire. One thousand, seven hundred seventy-six flag-waving feet it is, making the WTC the tallest building in the ol’ U.S. of A. Hooray?

(Photo: ArturoYee/Flickr)