Adi Harari shoots fashion all over the world. As much as she travels she has yet to learn proper English. Which is fine, except when it comes to an interview. But she labored through our questions and tells us how she can’t do without her boyfriend, thinks her website is the best gift to mankind, and that God is a crappy artist. But in the end its not how good she speaks English that counts, it’s the amazing and extremely sensual images and “portrets” she delivers.
Tell us about how you make your art. What’s your process: Fill / Vision
Who is your Art for? Me first.
What is your Art supposed to do? Satisfiy me first?
What is your art worth? Much to me.
What single work of art would you most like to destroy? None.
Name one crappy “Artist”: God. Now name another one: God volume 2.
Best museum: Sex Museum in Amsterdam. Worst museum: Kids Museum in NYC.
Describe the finest moment of your artistic endeavors: Any moment in NY.


1. Favorite ANIMAL: Elephant.
2. What gets you excited? Good shoot.
3. Worst Job: Clean my house. Dream job: My boyfriend cleans my house.
4. Best kept secret about NYC: None
5. What would you do if you found A LOT of cash in a cab? Leave it to the driver.
6. Favorite Most embarrassing favorite website:
7. Early bird or night owl? Night owl
8. Motto, mantra, words of advice, or favorite quote: Create…create….create.
9. Name your favorite ISM: [No answer]
10. If you invented a recreational drug, what would it be called? Gat.
11. What’s the greatest thing the internet has given mankind?
12. Who owes you something? My boyfriend.
13. How would you run the zoo? Set them free.
14. How do you kill time: Gat
15. Favorite watering hole: [No answer]
16. Are you looking for anyone you’ve lost contact with? (maybe we could help.) My boyfriend.
17. Do you need anything really bad? My boyfriend.
18. Any tips for the kids? Stay tuned.
19. Shout outs: [No answer]

Name:Adi Harari