Admittedly, we too fell victim to the VMA hype even though we haven’t watched the channel since YO MTV Raps. And even if we didn’t make it to the red carpet like some of NYC’s privileged gossip and media blogs, we did get the opportunity to stumble into Virgin Mobile’s VMA after party with the rest of the plebeians. There were no B-list celebs there sans Liv Tyler, but there were plenty of super stars of the hipster aristocracy like Richie Rich, Mark the Cobrasnake, the Misshapes, Heavy’s Sumo wrestlers, Nikola the party crasher and that tranny who got beat up in the East Village a few months ago.
But the most important part of our night was the open bar. We knew that it would serve as the main source of inspiration for drunken expression. The more the night went on, the more we appreciated its results as you can barely see by the clip above. Although the video quality ain’t worth a damn and the audio sounds like a blown speaker under water, the above shows what happens when you take one part Indian, mix it with one part gay, then add techno and Don Julio. The result is a convulsive mix of Tourette’s and human floor mopping. It’s the end of the summer and the week, so we don’t feel bad exposing you to a mere 17 seconds of torment.