This guy has been really busy in the past two years: museums, “separation walls,” stencils in Brooklyn & Hollywood, and now street artist-legend Banksy, who recently punked talent challenged heiress-singer Paris Hilton’s CDs, appears to have set his target on the symbol of America itself, Disneyland in California. The elusive Banksy snuck a life-size inflatable doll depicting a Guantanamo bay inmate, replete with orange jumpsuit and manacled hands and feet just inside the gates of the Rocky Mountain Railroad ride. Wooster reports that the effigy stood for a full one and a half hours before Disneyland staff shut down the train and removed the faux suspected terrorist for the sake of the kids and of course, public safety. What perfect timing to help commemorate the newly arrived detainees Bush has been torturing in overseas CIA-administered interrogation centers to help fight the always impeding War on Terror, Mickey would be proud.
BREAKING: The Story Disneyland Doesn’t Want You To Know Wooster Collective