Sunny Today show sidekick Campbell Brown always appeared ready-made to be Matt Lauer’s go-to gal, so it seemed odd she was passed over for Katie Couric’s spot. However, after a close-up shot of her lower region during this morning’s broadcast, we think we’ve found the culprit: The Whore Ankle Tat.
What could either be a boomerang (symbolic self-reflection about personal accomplisment and existence), a half moon (symbolic self-reflection on her tidal emotions), or a brown banana (symbolic self-reflection about past relationships with black dick), it’s pretty obvious that this is may be the dealbreaker in her quest for morning show greatness.
Or, it could actually be just an ugly-ass birthmark. But Gorbachev smears on lady ankles also don’t sit well with NBC brass. So, Campbell should start saving for laser surgery if she ever wants to fulfill her dream.