Gossip twinky Perez Hilton has to do a better job keeping his sources safe. On the media shuttle bus over to Saturday night’s MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles, another journalist (and ANIMAL’s source for the story) congratulated Perez on being the first to report Page Six editor Richard Johnson’s DUI arrest. Perez accepted the compliment, then boastfully told our mole that Chris Wilson, Page Six’s hangover-happy foot soldier, was who he received the tip from just a few hours after Johnson was released from the drunk tank.
Well, we’re not that surprised Perez would give up this type of information, but we were under impression that Page Six was supposed to be um, like a mafia family. If that’s the case, we expect Wilson to be taken for a ride up to a secluded wooded area in the next few hours. Or maybe Perez will be found bludgeoned to death in a hotel hideout? Either way, we’re assuming one of these gossip mobsters forgot about the whole concept of omertà.
Hopefully, we won’t have to wait until January to see how the Page Six saga finally ends…
Perez Hilton Exclusive! [Perez Hilton]