NV Party Invitationsm.jpg
Now this is gonna be a party. Tomorrow night, NV, get it ‘Envy’ the ‘beauty enhancing diet pill’ is having its kick off party. We can’t think of a better way to spend a Wednesday night than sweating it out to the sounds of DJ Samantha Ronson and checking out the newest way for the ladies to swallow all their caloric problems with this new magic pill:

“NV™’s unique three complex formula is a simple way to enhance a woman’s figure, radiate beauty and increase energy,” said Electra. “I can identify with a woman’s desire to make her outer appearance match her inner glow, which is why my secret to maintaining my looks, energy and confidence is NVâ„¢

And to think all along we just thought it was the cocaine and the depression pills for putting up with Dave Navarro.