ANIMALny_CBS ads_920.JPG Chances are high that you’re bombarded with countless advertising messages on the typical daily commute. After a while, it kind of becomes second nature, but by the time you reach your office building, you figure you can rest easy. Not so. Reader Vince Galvin informs us that CBS has decided to get you one last time before making it to your slave box by placing ‘How I Met Your Mother‘ ads inside elevator doors. And, if a life size Doogie Howser staring you down every morning isn’t nauseating enough, the ads actually encourage you to take up conversation with fellow passengers, thereby breaking a major rule of NYC living: the sacred elevator silence. As NY’ers we’ve perfected the art of either staring at our feet, watching floor indicators, and increasingly even using blackberries to completely ignore any form of chit-chat or contact with fellow elevator passengers. How dare CBS try to strip us of that birthright in a cheesy attempt to get us to watch their shitty show. Screw you CBS, and your mother.