f2d97706c73681.jpg Last night, CNN’s sr. correspondent, Nic Robertson, reported on Anderson Cooper’s 360 special report from Afghanistan, that the Taliban NOW has access to the chemicals to manufacture heroin and no longer export it as a raw product. Now-that they are on the run-but not while they were in power.
Yet, since US troops have begin fighting the “War On Terror” (and now NATO) in Afghanistan, heroin production has increased 400%. But in February 2001, when the Taliban was in control, opium production had been reduced by 98%. In fact in 2001, U.N. drug control officers said the Taliban religious militia has nearly wiped out opium production in Afghanistan. This was also the same year that the Taliban declared drug production to be un-Islamic which resulted in a crippling of the Afghan economy.
So how can Robertson be alleging that the Taliban is responsible for the increase? That the Taliban is making money off the production? How do they get the opium out? Would be great to know, where Nic is getting this information, or is he just reading it off a producer’s screenplay. It’s hard to believe that they are no more organized and better equipped since the US led invasion. But then again, do Americans really care enough about Afghanistan for CNN to get the story right, just give us more baby Suri !
by Jessica Wilson, ANIMAL special correspondent