animalny_sarah mcsweeney.jpg Sure many media outlets like to focus on the big name designers when it comes to Fashion Week but seldom is homage paid to the actual working girls who trounce the runways, get needled like pin cushions, and survive on a diet of rice cakes and de-calorized water*, especially the first time models. We caught up with newly installed cat walking-runwayist Sarah ‘Sweet 16’ McSweeney. Don’t let the nickname fool ya, she’s actually 18 years old and this was her first time hitting the runway, but she’s handling it like a pro. Sarah, repped by Vision, told us about her very first romp behind the scenes and flashbulbs of the runway this past week when she did a show for Kai Kühne’s ‘Myself’ collection. She admits being a bit nervous at first but the full bar in the dressing room area with bartender helped allot. The designer even encouraged some imbibing to loosen up those legs for the runway strut. Who cares that she’s only 18. We’ve always maintained if she’s old enough for war, she old enough to pour. But onto the next. She still has to walk for a few other shows this week, maybe even Project Runway, and her excitement is what’s keeping her going, not coke, that’s only for the more established models.
*We know that water has no calories, we were just testing a new marketable concept.