Artist John Sharifi is a painter. He loves: museums that serve good coffee, women, and blind owls. More of a peaceful artisan he wouldn’t bother destroying anyone else’s art since it takes too much energy or give them any kind of publicity. John also thinks that NY’ers are actually really nice and wants to give props to the Italian soccer team in this year’s World Cup. John agreed to answer all our questions and showcase some of his newest creations.
Tell us about how you make your art. What’s your process: I draw on board or canvas and then apply oil paint.

Who is your Art for?
People who have an attention span that is at the least as long as a hummingbirds’.
What is your Art supposed to do? To visually communicate and ideally to have the viewer be engaged with their own interpretation.
What is your art worth? Are you interested in buying? There is a range.

What single work of art would you most like to destroy?
That’s a tuff one. None, it takes too much energy.
Name one crappy “Artist”: One does come to mind but I’m not going to say because even bad publicity is better than a good review. Now name another one: No
Best museum: Munch Museet in Norway. I love their security and that consists of a telephone, maybe it’s better now. Also they have great coffee at the front. Worst museum: Laguna Art Museum. Just because you put “museum” at the end of your name doesn’t make it so.
Describe the finest moment of your artistic endeavors: The last brush stroke in my latest painting.
1. Favorite ANIMAL: Blind owls.
2. What gets you excited? A woman.
3. Worst Job: Production designer. Dream job: Painting.
4. Best kept secret about NYC: How nice the people are.
5. What would you do if you found A LOT of cash in a cab? If there was no ID with it I would keep it.
6. Favorite website: Most embarrassing favorite website:
7. Early bird or night owl? Both.
8. Motto, mantra, words of advice, or favorite quote: “Never hold discussions with the monkey when the organ grinder is in the room.” Churchill.
9. Name your favorite ISM: Optimism.
10. If you invented a recreational drug, what would it be called? Contaphilox
11. What’s the greatest thing the Internet has given mankind? A big pond to skip rocks on.
12. Who owes you something? A magazine I don’t wish to name.
13. How would you run the zoo? Bring down the work hours from 40 to 30 per week
14. How do you kill time: I don’t, time is beautiful women, but I choke her out from time to time.
15. Favorite watering hole: Ocean Brewery.
16. Are you looking for anyone you’ve lost contact with? (maybe we could help.) No.
17. Do you need anything really bad? Water to cool down my macbook pro and also some money.
18. Any tips for the kids? Moderation, when you can.
19. Shout outs: Big ups to the Italian team on the world cup & hi to Poop, joojoo.
Name: John Sharifi