I have mixed feelings about the fate of 11 Spring Street. Gothamist spoke to the Wooster Collective and “exclusively reports” what’s been going on at the sacred street art spot:

They told us that the new owners have asked them to curate the decoration of the building– both inside and out– through the end of the year, with a huge party on December 16th to celebrate the building, the art, and the end of the project.

Wooster goes on to tell Gothamist how “street artists” (as opposed to graffiti vandals) will be flying in from all over to paint the interior of the building and continue to slap the outside of the building with signature wheat paste style work, and for the first time in it’s multi-layered history, they’ll be doing it legally. Traditionally, the whole allure of 11 Spring St. has been its outlaw nature and continual surprise of who would show up next to bomb it. The idea of turning this graffiti-Kabba into a mini-posterized Phun Factory, especially a temporary one, serves as the ultimate antithesis to graffiti, and this location, in general.


On top of that, word is that once the event is over, the landlords will buff the whole building from top to bottom, inside and out, and it will officially be off limits to any activity, since the building is being turned into condos. Although I agree with Wooster that: the cleaning of the building was inevitable, property owners have an absolute right to do what they want with their land, and promoting art is noble, I do not agree with the overall method of this madness. All I see is a wickedly clever PR ploy by the new owners to get the word out collectively, and let all “street artists” know that this building will now be off limits in one fell swoop. What better (and cheaper) way to spread the word than to throw the artists a bone, give ‘em some free drinks and than kick them out of the party early. Call me cynical, but getting permission to do “street art” while turning the fate of 11 Spring into a romanticized graffiti ball is counter intuitive since the stagecoach is turning into a pumpkin at midnight on December 16th no matter what. But the question is how many artists will buy into this fairytale? -BUCKY TURCO

photos courtesy of: Gothamist