The above clip is last night’s footage of Columbia University students storming the stage while Mexican-hunting Minuteman spokesperson, Jim Gilchrist, was giving a speech about the virtues of keeping illegals south of the border. Unfortunately, the footage is kind of shaky at first, thanks to Columbia University Television News’ own Natalie Yammine’s not-so-steady camera work. Although its hard to tell what exactly happened, it appears that some of the Minutemen crew and young Republican students who invited them weren’t happy with the interruption, and decided to get into a tug of war using the protest banners students brought on stage. Chaos ensues and people got kicked in the head. But the best is about 3:07 in to the video, when a neo-Con student says “these people are animals” and claims they were “attacking invited guests.” He then takes the politcal-moral high ground claiming that “no Conservative would ever act the way that we just saw the Democratic liberals act.”
Minutemen Insanity at Columbia via Gothamist