From his journal on September 22nd:

I’m going to be playing a small show at tonic in new york city on tuesday october 17. it’s going to be a a pre-record release show for my new record “GO-The Very Best of Moby”. I wanted to give you the first chance to get tickets. we’re going to play a set with the band, then I’ll be dj’ing the rest of the night. you can go here to buy tickets before anyone else:
hope to see you there. oh, and tonic is at 107 norfolk street on the lower east side.
and, oh, there are only 100 tickets available, so you might want to buy them sooner rather than

How can you not admire his sense of philanthropy? It’s nice to know that Moby still cares and refuses to let go of his internet life support.
pre-record release show Moby
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