tstylemagazine copy.jpg
photo by: Kai Regan

Is the New York Times trying to do a Time magazine-like marketing stunt of its own? Soho artist Stephen Powers, aka ESPO, was spotted spraypainting an iconic NYT ‘T’ on a truck in the LES last week. According to A-Ron the Don, proprietor of super cooler then cool website/brand/movement aNYthing*, “I caught Espo painting a truck for a project for the NY Times on Bowery & Delancey.” Too lazy to do any kind of investigations of our own, we hope that someone will do the due diligence and figure out this mystery that raises several psuedo-important questions: What is the purpose of this guerrilla project? Is the NYT trying to attract a hipper (hipster) demographic? How long till Peter Vallone Jr. releases a statement condemning the Times? Does this mean that the NYT will now have to defend its turf since ESPO is basically being commissioned to paint over rival graffiti writers? Only the Grey Lady knows and we anxiously await her explanation.

Update: Gawker solves the case. Mr. Powers is indeed doing street cred marketing something for NYT’s Style Magazine.

Update, Update: The image was not yet meant for publication and the NYT’s editors are mad as hell that it got out. At the request of the photographer’s rep and later the photographer himself, (who was not responsible for it leaking in the first place, blame the Downtown Don).
Update X 3: Here is the legal version .

*For more info on aNYthing read the more than 5000 words from this past weekend’s NYT magazine here.