Famed fat lady painter Fernando Botero’s controversial “Abu Ghraib” exhibit is on view through Saturday at the Marlborough Gallery, so this week is your last chance to check ‘em out. Interestingly, Botero is able to express the suffering of the prisoners without exploiting them, and instead does them justice:

“These paintings do something that the harrowing photographs taken at Abu Ghraib do not. They restore the prisoners’ dignity and humanity without diminishing their agony or the injustice of their situation. Mr. Botero does this, as painters always have, through manipulations of scale, color and form.”

Not too many of the heavyweight artists have fully attempted to interpret or create works based on the horrors of Abu Ghraib so we have to applaud Botero for deciding to stir the pot. See more of the “Abu Gharbi” collection here.
Botero Restores the Dignity of Prisoners at Abu Ghraib NYT