Brooklyn’s own Ricardo Cortes, author of controversial children’s marijuana book, It’s Just A Plant, faces off tonight against the famous red jacketed-big mouth Curtis Sliwa on Catherine Crier’s Live on Court TV tonight at 5:30pm. Cortes’ book, Its Just A Plant, has catapulted the young author-artist into the media spotlight since its first publishing more then a year ago and continues to do so. Just last week, the New York Daily News attended a reading of his second edition in Soho and ran this item. On tonight’s show Cortes will specifically discuss Sliwa’s increasing irrelevance when it comes to the morning talk show host’s advocacy of the continued Drug War in NYC, particularly when it comes to marijuana.
Bonus fact: Cortes took on Bill O’Reilly a couple months back and the big bear couldn’t even get the author to flinch.