nosleeptillever.jpgPowerHouse Books has announced it’s officially entering the magazine game this October. Slated for publication twice a year and inventively named ‘powerHouse magazine,’ this glossy will basically draw content and contributions from their current stable of artists and authors effectively creating an indie media clusterfuck of product placement for the emerging publishing house. The first issue, ‘No Sleep Till Brooklyn,” is based on a homage to hip hop (so what if it started in the South Bronx ya’ll, BK is where it’s at) exhibit they are hosting at their ‘powerHouse Arena,’ making the first issue little more then a glorified gallery guide and catalogue for their existing titles then a magazine. They lovingly dedicated a spread with a shop guide-like grid of pH books featured in the current issue and to help build PR into the launch, the pH people were even nice enough to comp full page ads to existing indie magazines, so we look forward to those blaring reviews editors! But we wish them well and can’t wait for the predictably safe street culture slant and newly regurgitated graffiti and break dancing content, and most importantly, the free drinks at the launch, even if it is in Brooklyn.