425 bush twins.jpg
With all this super saturation of 9-11 on TV, in the newspapers, and online, we present you with some comic relief, ahem, we mean artistic inspiration to help get your mind off the tragedy. We attended this past weekend’s Art Parade courtesy of some zany creatives and gallerist Jeffrey Deitch. This art speaks much louder than words, so we’ll just shut up, show you the pictures, and let ya’ll relish in one of NYC’s happier annual disasters. Some of this stuff is NSFA (Not Safe For Anywhere). Update: Commemoration video.

425 slave boy.jpg
425 mushroom heads.jpg
425 art massive.jpg
425 gay windcharm.jpg
425_naked bike girls.jpg
425 stork chicks.jpg
425 gays and kids.jpg
425 art couple.jpg
425 yellow chick.jpg