“Girls and Guns,” Medium: paper towel, tape, pencil, and magic marker
Duane, aka Mr.Glasses, makes his art for kids with awkward hair and hopes to become a professional ‘fun maker’ one day. He hates the Met, wants to destroy the original Obey the Giant stencil, and thinks Raven Symone can’t sing for shit. But when it comes to love, he still has a crush on Laura Hunter, his boyhood fantasy girlfriend, so please be good virtual detectives and let’s help Duane find the next Mrs. Glasses.* In the meantime check out his amazing art, and read how piss ‘poor posture’ can be one of the defining moments in a young artist’s life.

Tell us about how you make your art. What’s your process: I am inspired by other artist horrible work. After looking at how awful something is I try and make it better. I am really into the mistakes of others and in life in general, my own included. Once I find a fault in something I like to exploit it and turn in into something right.
Who is your art for? Those kids in the corner who want to get laid but have awkward hair and can’t dance.
What is your art supposed to do? Make people laugh and then make them cry when they get home.
What is your art worth? Depends on who is asking.
What single work of art would you most like to destroy? The original stencil for Obey’s the Giant.
Name one crappy “Artist”: Matt Sheppard. Now name another one: Raven Symone.
Best museum: The Getty in California. Worst museum: Met in NYC.
Describe the finest moment of your artistic endeavors: Someone told me all my people in my drawings had really poor posture.

“Blackheart,” Medium: tape, pencil, and magic marker
1. Favorite ANIMAL: Dolphin.
2. What gets you excited? Bad Xeroxes.
3. Worst Job: Holding Construction Road Signs on dusty back road in Connecticut wearing a dark blue jumpsuit construction hat and not having a walkie-talkie on a hottest day of summer. Dream job: Being a fun maker.
4. Best kept secret about NYC: Cakeshop.
5. What would you do if you found A LOT of cash in a cab? Keep 25 percent as a finder’s fee. Donate the other 25 percent to charity. The rest I would put in lost and found.
6. Favorite website: YouTube.com. Most embarrassing favorite website: imdb.com
7. Early bird or night owl? Early bird.
8. Motto, mantra, words of advice, or favorite quote: Hell is coming to Breakfast.
9. Name your favorite ISM. Capitalism.
10. If you invented a recreational drug, what would it be called? Super Cool.
11. What’s the greatest thing the Internet has given mankind? Netflix.
12. Who owes you something? My dad.
13. How would you run the zoo? The same way in the movie ‘12 Monkeys.’
14. How do you kill time? Imdbing the cast of Pete and Pete.
15. Favorite watering hole: Someone else’s house.
16. Are you looking for anyone you’ve lost contact with? (maybe we could help.) Laura Hunter. I haven’t scene her since I was 12. I sorta had a crush on her.

17. Do you need anything really bad?
More time.
18. Any tips for the kids? Play with more Legos.
19. Shout outs: Mr. Brian Lightbody.
** We promise to send a 12” hand blown glass bong to the first person to locate Rachel Hunter. Please send an email to tips@animalnewyork.com
“Dusty,” Medium: tape, pencil, and magic marker