Chuck Frazier likes to draw. Especially when it’s a coked-out looking Courtney Love or a blazingly happy Sulu. This self proclaimed “Startoonist” agreed to answer some questions and show off some of his favorite celebrity victims.

Name: Chuck Frazier
Tell us about how you make your art. What’s your process: Pen, color pencils in hand and a dream.
Who is your Art for? For myself and anybody else who digs it!
What is your Art supposed to do? Amuse, entertain & beautify, (hopefully).
What is your art worth? Whatever I can manage to get from it at any given time.
What single work of art would you most like to destroy? All prints of “Weekend at Bernie’s II.”
Name one crappy “Artist”: That guy that rips-off the comicbook panels. Now name another one: Karen Finley
Best museum
: Natural History Worst museum: Wax
Describe the finest moment of your artistic endeavors: Classic Star Trek Startoonz Poster. Great fun to research & work on! (see below)

“Star Trek” Mixed Media,60″x40″
1. Favorite ANIMAL: Cat
2. What gets you excited? Doing art I love & gettin’ paid big bucks for it.
3. Worst Job: Fast food roast beef slicer. Dream job: Self-employed weathy Startoonist.
4. Best kept secret about NYC: You really can find anything here, if you look hard enough!
5. What would you do if you found A LOT of cash in a cab? Call 7 Eyewitness News and offer to turn it in for a date & dinner with Sandra Bookman!
6. Favorite website: Gallery of the Absurd. Most embarrassing favorite website: The Bastardly.
7. Early bird or night owl? Night Owl
8. Motto, mantra, words of advice, or favorite quote: “It’s not what you look like when you’re doin’ what you’re doin’, it’s what you’re doin’ when you’re doin’ what you look like you’re doin'”!
9. Name your favorite ISM.?
10. If you invented a recreational drug, what would it be called? CHILL.
11. What’s the greatest thing the internet has given mankind? Access to information and the world, immediately!
12. Who owes you something? Noone
13. How would you run the zoo? Nice N’ easy
14. How do you kill time? Daydreamin’
15. Favorite watering hole: Home
16. Are you looking for anyone you’ve lost contact with? (maybe we could help.) No,.. But sometimes I’m curious ’bout whatever happened to Betty Moss of A&D High.
17. Do you need anything really bad? Consistant income, preferably through artistic endeavors.
18. Any tips for the kids? Hold fast to that golden rule & that’l’ make you better than most of us adults, we can’t seem to do it.
19. Shout outs:To Fourteen and artist’s in general,keep ya heads up!
Courtney & Snoop.jpg
“Courtney and Snoop” Mixed Media,9.5″x 12.5″