animalnewyork_charles_kushner_vmed_6a.vmedium.jpg Charles Kushner, convicted real estate mogul and father of New York Observer owner Jared Kushner, likes to enjoy fresh air on the weekends in the comfort of his own home according to one of our tipsters.
Like many well behaved white collar criminals, he only spends weekdays at the half-way house, but on weekends, he is free to frolic at his two-acre oceanfront estate in Long Branch, NJ. His mini-mansion is fashioned in a classic Spanish style complete with stucco walls and red roof. Plus, there’s a giant pool with picturesque views of the Atlantic.
Of course there is. It’s just a shame that such a bastion of contemporary well-to-doism will never experience the long-lasting companionship that occurs on those memorable Saturday shower rape sessions.