250skateledeanimalnewyork.jpgWhile we’re not experts in helicopter exhaust toxicology, we assume that huffing down the fumes of idling copters while strenuously exerting oneself can’t be a good thing in the long run. That’s why we question the sensibility of the Hudson River Park Organization’s decision to move the public skate park from its relatively quiet, safe, and fresh pocket-of-air location down near Canal St. to its current noxious and potentially hazardous resting place directly next to Liberty Helicopter’s VIP heliport at west 32nd street.
But, maybe whirly bird particulates and vapors are a good thing and we’re just being over reactive? An official from Liberty Helicopter explains, “No, I don’t believe the fumes are dangerous at all. I’ve been doing it for 21 years and before that I did jet engines in the Navy and I’m still healthy.” Right. We’ll believe that when we see his autopsy results, but regardless of old iron lung’s expert opinion, Hudson officials should have just left it downtown so the already monoxide intoxicated youth could get a break from airborne toxins in one of the City’s only public skate parks. After the jump see the landing helicopters that look like they’re ready to drop in themselves.