If keeping up with all the new sneakers, Japanese toys, prints, and limited edition crap out there has become nearly impossible, welcome to Survival of the Hippest. It’s the all purpose dump for the stuff you may never end up buying, always question it’s purpose, but still find intriguing.
After the jump, study the products that will help you gain enough cool points to get that downtown decoder ring in no time.

We knew this was coming. Streetwear satire site, Dontbelievethehypebeast, sold out faster then a pair of pigeon dunks at The Reed Space. Its a shame too, cause we were enjoying it at first, although admittedly, it was losing its luster pretty quick. Ah, how they imitate streetwear more then they knew. Dontbelievethehypebeast

There seems to be a new trend in hip hop. If you don’t make records anymore, make sneakers instead. First it was the proliferation of multiple Wu-Tang inspired t-shirts and products, now Method Man steps up with his own limited edition kicks. SlamxHype

Attention all original wanksters, these are officially the ugliest all over print t-shirts we have ever seen. These are one of those items that we actually hope are limited to around 7 per design and sold in only 1 store in Alaska. Freshnessmag

Have you ever wanted to be featured in Vice magazine? Wear these pink, blue, and yellow Nike Courtforces, and you’re guaranteed to make the Dont’s with godspeed. Hypebeast

Kidrobot continues its reign as the Walmart of Toys. Heatherette is the latest fashion victim to land in what used to be an exclusive toy market. Even Aimee the PR girl gets her own toy, along with Richie Rich, Trevor Raines, and Amanda Lepore, who looks way too womanly in her rendition. But you can’t go wrong with the price: $5.95 a pop. Coutoure never came so cheap. Missbehave magazine