There will be a press event and rally tonight at St. Marks Church at 7pm to protest a new set of oppressive regulations the NYPD is putting in effect on around August 24th that affect not only bicyclists, but also pedestrians and even, shockingly, bloggers too: Here’s a summary of the new rules that would be enforced:
*Any group of two (yes 2) or more cyclists or pedestrians traveling down a public street, who violate any traffic law, rule or regulation can be arrested for parading without a permit;
* Every group of 20 or more cyclists must obtain a permit from the NYPD;
* Every group of 35 of more pedestrians must obtain a permit from the NYPD.
*Those who advertise, promote or otherwise publicize events that fall under these rules will also be held liable as if they organized and participated in the illegal parade.
Figures the NYPD would try to pull shit off like this in the middle of the summer when all our high powered and more influential residents are on vacation. We can only hope that civil rights activist Ron Kuby doesn’t do the Hamptons and might be in town to lend a helping hand. For more info visit assemblyforrightsnyc. Oh, and if your really feeling activisty, e-fax the mayor.
People’s Hearing on Parade Permits NYBMA