Great, so while New York was infected with Fashion Week, LA was blessed with Banksy’s Barely Legal three day opening. This has to be one of the best exhibits we didn’t have the privilege to see in person.

Thankfully, Supertouch provides us with the VIP sneak preview. The works are amazing and with word that his art is selling for 100k and up, this is a major coup for the brazen culture-saboteur.

Some of the highlights include: a stand alone piece of the Paris Hilton CDs he pranked bathed in a colony of roaches, a live pink painted elephant in a living room that matches the wall paper, and numerous satirical classical-like paintings with signature Banksy retouches. Plus there were no shortages of celebrity attendees with Brangelina, Perry Farrell (and hot wife), Zack De La Rocha, Artie Bucco’s wife from the Sopranos, as well as a slew of art royalty paying homage to one of the greatest street artists turned superstar since Basquiat. Well done!

(Photo: @Jason Cosper)