The Gray Lady Freemason Story regurgitator is at it again, October 4th, 2006:

“And the Masons have run advertisements in movie theaters and run one-day classes to award the first three Masonic degrees in a single session.”

From three years ago, January 12, 2003:

“…running ads in movie theaters and has scheduled controversial one-day class in March to bestow first three Masonic degrees in one sitting.”

Either the Times has become creatively tapped for its NY Region or Arthur Sulzberger’s admittance into those Eyes Wide Shut-style Freemason parties depends upon how many plugs he gives the creepy esoteric organization every few years. And the notoriously stingy Sulzberger would be pissed if all of those Goat Demon masks and Goblin dongs went to waste. Fidelio…
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