(re-touched Tokion graphic hijacked from the M.O.B)
When we first heard that Wooster was getting all riled up about Tokion magazine not including any women at this weekend’s ‘Creativity Now’ conference we knew there was gonna be some trouble. And then after Editor in Chief Ken Miller’s extremely weak explanation for its lack of women, we were especially certain it was only a matter of time before the magazine back pedaled and made damn sure it got some ladies to speak. Well the announcement came today, Tokion is officially adding 4 token women to this weekend’s lineup and Wooster is happy again. Lisa Ruyter, Jessica Craig-Martin, Mimi Gross, and Marlene McCarthy will now join the mostly male dominated panel. Oh, and to add some comic relief to the whole matter and downplay the last minute shuffling of females into the event, it was also announced that comedian David Cross will grace the stage.