This is a great clip of Tucker Carlson refusing to show the collapse of Building 7 per controlled demolition-theorist Professor Steve Jones’ request. It’s from a brand new 9-11 conspiracy DVD, ‘Improbable Collapse’, that specifically investigates the controlled demolition theory of why the WTC buildings fell, specifically Building 7, the crux of the argument. The professor was assured by MSNBC that they would show the clip, but instead they just show a before still of 7, not even a video. Jones who can’t see what’s going on, is told “we don’t have a lot of time for experiments.” However, the good professor gets some vindication when ‘Scarborough Country’ shows the clip at a later juncture, but only after getting the approval of top MSNBC brass. Conspiracy? Maybe. Incompetence on the part of MSNBC? Definitely.