You would think that if Vice was going to ‘put out a call’ for the world’s creepiest t-shirt, they would at least have the balls to show the winning tee in all its disgusted glory. Now, we don’t know if it’s all the Faces of Death videos we’ve seen, the hours of Ultimate Fighting Championships watched frame by frame, or just living in NYC for so long, but we’ve become pretty desensitized to any kind of shock, violence, or even in this case, a baby rape t-shirt. It took a brave commenter to provide the link so the rest of us can see past the strategically placed censor box and really evaluate how sick this shirt was.To protect those of you who actually have jobs and work in offices, we provide the t-shirt without the black box that you would expect John Karr to be wearing after the jump.

See, it wasn’t that bad was it, certainly not any worse then this nightmarish image.