WEEK IN CRAIG: All the Fatties in the House Say “Hooooo!”

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By Amy Blair
Have any of you seen Madonna’s new video in which she is rolling around on the floor in flesh-colored pantyhose and a pink leotard? I love the Material Girl as much as the next homosexual, but really, who green-lighted this video? She looks like Estelle Getty in a swimsuit, and it’s not good. It’s the perfect example of how one could work so very, very hard on one’s body and still wind up looking like Skeletor (by the powers of Grayskull, Nicole Richie).

Star Jones…totally more attractive when she was fat. Right? Kirstie Alley…I’m finding her somehow infinitely more doable than, say, Paris Hilton these days. And, I know this is crazy talk, but I might even take a crack at Carnie Wilson over Kate Bosworth who has become terrifying hideous in her caloric deprivation. (The fact that you can’t distinguish her hair from her forehead anymore doesn’t help matters). Anyway, this week we’re giving it up to the BBWs.
Where my fatties at?!? Holla!

once again this fat 300 pound pig that looks like a cow wants some fun – 21
you heard me

I just wanted to make sure that everyone was aware that this is, indeed, a request for sex. Also, how does a pig look like a cow? So very confused. (And kinda turned on!).
talented fat hippie with a job seeks fat hippie guy with job – 51
you must love movies, plays, rock n roll
and flowing with my passion…while I flow with yours.
Maybe we’ll fall in love and live playfully ever after…
please be over 45 and unattached….I work full time but I am NOT a workaholic..seek same in that way.

This is what happened after Jerry passed on to that big drum circle in the sky…the fat hippies got…jobs. Thankfully their passion is still flowing, and they’re living happily ever after. Keep on truckin’ dudes.

Everyone cant be good looking – m4ww – 33

I read some of these postings and I can’t believe the posting descriptions.Woman are beautiful all men have big dicks it can’t be true if you are over weight say hey, I am not big and beautiful i’m just big. if your a man if you have a belly and a small prick say hey I have a small prick with a belly,. I am sure you will find someone whom will entertain you anyway. People Please you can not Buy a Bently with Lexus money. Just think of the woman or men your requesting if they are hot they would ask you to pay for their time. And If they are as hot as they claim then why do you need to be on cl. Just my thoughts what I am thinking at this time. Good luck finding your well enowed men,and your baywatch woman. p.s I have 9″ thick thats real ….. pic to prove. I fuck fat girls too.

AWESOME!!! I love this guy. If you made it through his entire crazy rant about people misrepresenting themselves on craigslist you were rewarded with the gold at the end: “I fuck fat girls too.” This dude makes me so happy, I could just cry. KEEP IT REAL.

I want to fuck a plump female who likes older guys- m4w (Midtown)

I love plump females. Not thin and not fat either, but plump. You know whom you are. If that is you, then write to me.I am a tall white male, sizwe 38 waist, nice sized thick cock and love sex and can last both orally and with my cock too.
PS-If you want to be fucked in the ass too, I can easily do that for you too.

Oh, how sweet of you to offer! I’ve been riding a wave of self-esteem lately (I’ve upgraded my self-image from ‘fat’ to ‘plump’) and now I just wish some guy would put his wang in my bum. Then I’d know I really AM just as attractive as those skinny wannabe model girls!

Is there at least one REALLY FAT lady who needs NSA HEAD today? – m4w – 29 (Upper East Side)

There has to one fat bbw in the city today who can use some good head. I don’t know why everyone has to make suck a big deal out of hooking up online, it’s simple… first you post, then you connect, then you meet, everyone is happy :) My point is, this should be an easy thing. If I needed some great oral and someone who was very willing was there, and ready to go… I think that is a no brainer.
Anyway I’m 29, white, good looking, clean, and love really fat women.
If your interested in some good old fashion no BS oral, send me an email and lets make it happen. I have plenty of pics to trade if you want.
I really hope to hear from someone soon, I mean after all we live in a very BIG city :)

Well when you put it THAT way…it really is a no-brainer!

RANT: i love fat chicks, but only skinny chicks are ever into me (Upper West Side)

dammit, i’m the envy of many of my friends with how many skinny women like me, but i always have to break up with them after a few weeks, cause it’s just not there for me as muhc as it would be if i were with a fat chick, and knowing they’re out there makes it impossible for me to date skinny chicks, even though i am attracted to them too. it seems to me the hot fat chicks i see only go for bigger guys themselves, not that i’m tiny, i’m 6 feet, 170, but every hot fat chick i see is always with a guy who is like 6’3 220 or something. what should i do?

Well, duh, isn’t it obvious?! Get yourself to the nearest McDonalds PRONTO and start chowing! Fat is the new thin baby, get with the program.
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