Millions of videos a day are shared on YouTube but most of them suck, so we applaud the administration for taking its anti-drug campaign to the very popular youth oriented site (even if they do plan on moderating comments and stifling an otherwise open forum). They have posted a total of 12 videos and each one is entertaining in its own right. Our favorite though is the clip above entitled Tic Tic:

Narrator: Yesterday, my friends told me to smoke some weed and I did.
Narrator: Then today, they said I should try to out run Tic Tic, the lumber yard dog. And, I don’t think I can. I’m an idiot. I’m doing stupid stuff and that ain’t me!

Stupid ain’t even the half. Any self-respecting drug using kid knows that cocaine is the drug of choice when trying to outrun lumber yard dogs. We hope you get torn to shreds stoner!
Newsvine via Huffington Post