Although this is totally on the art faggy side of graffiti 2.0, it’s interesting to see the strange twists artists take when it comes to making public art. And this Audiobombing project takes no exception:

Audio Bombing, by Mike Fleming, Kang Chang and Kyle Millns from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, uses magnetic audio tape as its medium. Here’s how the system should work: after having recorded on a cassette any information you want, you remove the tape and cut out the segments to be used. Then take your tape segments and go tag whatever you want in urban space. You can listen to the tag by running an augmented playhead spray over the magnetic tape.

What a great way to send a double fuck you. First with the paint, and then with an audio message. The Vandal Squad will definitely appreciate your personalized message graffiti.
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