You know you’re killing it as an artist when you can get the very people you insult to be the willing patrons of your work and pay astronomical prices for it. BANKSY’S art—even prints at this point—are selling like stocks. At an art auction last week in London, 51 pieces of the artivists work was up for auction, including this “Di Faced Tenners” screenprint that features 10-pound notes with Princess Di’s face replacing Queen Elizabeth’s. The print, from an edition of 32, was expected to sell for between $10 and $14k, and shot up to $49k and change making BANKSY for the time being, a good investment.
Banking on Banksy ||
‘Di Faced Tenners,’ screenprint, signed and date, double-sided image, edition of 32, 15 3/8 x 11 7/16 inches