Another BANKSY has been buffed, and the crowd goes wild. Apparently his Pulp Fiction styled ‘John Travolta and Sameul L.’ holding bananas piece has been painted over by maintenance workers in Central London, and that’s got some area residents complaining. They claim the art had become a sort of local favorite and was a big draw for curious onlookers, photographers, and BANKSY hunting fans. Had they decided to remove it and sell it, the hunk of wall could have fetched quite the price according to one of his boys:
A friend of the artist said the Pulp Fiction image would could have fetched £300,000 if it had been bought in situ or relocated (that’s $600,908.97 USD).
Which is why some municipalities and Rail companies have determined that all BANKSY’s work needs to be preserved and even one day sold in charity auctions.
Why Banksy’s Fans Are Going Bananas |thisislondon|