Only in Japan: The Japanese gets the whole mixing of high and low culture and use it to make cool shit like this. Fendi is launching a new collection of handbags that come with coordinating Bearbricks to the delight of hip Harajuku fashionistas.
Tybrid: take one Israeli typographer with a penchant for making new fonts and mix it with some really far out Hebrew type. It consists of 4 squares combined together, forming the Hebrew word for ‘Typography’.
Penal collabo: It’s only a matter of time before hip streetwear companies start collaborating with electronic monitoring device companies and an all over prints are stamped on these ever increasingly fashionable location devices. Tracy Morgan rocks his with adidas. But those shits are missing something. Someone is gonna step it up, mark these words.
Turn on, tune out: When Timothy Leary was handing out LSD on the ranch, even the kids got some. See the video evidence.