animalny_hip%20hop%20weekly.jpg Knowing full well about the realities of the publishing world, this quote, via FishbowlNY, by Ray ‘Benzino’ Scott in an interview with is highly dubious:

“I think we’re doing incredible when you consider that magazines like Giant, for instance, just came out… it was a $14 million investment and they just recently sold it for $230,000 or something,” Zino explained. “The sale of Vibe magazine…they put about $100 million in Vibe and ended up selling it years later for $30 million. The magazine business, especially with the emergence of the internet, has become a little scary to some of them. … Right now Hip-Hop Weekly is turning a profit and we’ve only been alive for six to eight months.

If it is true, this dude should be buying up lotto tickets and spinning the Roulette wheel instead of trying another go at an unsuccessful rap career. Think that’s too heavy handed? Watch for yourselves.
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