nyc040907_fig1.jpgThe Drug Enforcement Agency continues to ruin the fun. It seemed like only yesterday that the ‘Cartoon Network’ was shut down, leaving loyal weed devotees without good quality chronic for at least 12 hours. But now the marijuana marauders are attempting to eliminate NYC’s good weed supply by nipping it in the bud, literally, and taking down an indoor “sophisticated grow operation” on the upper-Upper West Side. Over 700 plants standing a healthy 3′ to 4′ high were carried out of the mini-farm to eagerly awaiting DEA vans. The Feds claim the crop has a street-value of over 2.8 million, although they usually boost those numbers for pr and prosperity. The story makes no mention of nabbing the actual grower, so hopefully, for the greater good, this high tech weed maker will set up shop somewhere safer and that’s easier to tap additional power, ya gotta keep Con Ed from ratting you out, especially when rocking this kind of impressive set-up:
nyc040907_fig5.jpg“There were six different rooms which contained varying stages of marijuana growth; a grow room, drying room, packaging room and processing room. The apartment contained various timers for lighting, heat, two large commercial grade air conditioning systems as well as several pumping systems for water and fertilizer to the plants in the various growing room. The apartment windows were covered on the inside and equipped with lighting within the window frames to give the appearance that it was a normal apartment window from the outside.’
But one word to the wise and a message for the kids: next time buy a dozen of these and some good industrial air freshers.

Marijuana Grow Operation Found in Manhattan Apartment
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