don_imus.jpg Don Imus was officially fired late yesterday due to the fallout from his comments about the Rutgers woman’s basketball team. Internal pressures, public outcry, and the most likely factor, advertisers dropping like flies, led the network to decide that dropping the ‘I-Man’ is the best way to save face and any chance of potential ad buys in the future. Fishbowl NY has got extensive coverage if you want more of the internal memo/media side of things.
The media has got a good hold of this one and has already started giving this thing new legs by calling on black leaders and record companies to promise to go after rappers, since ya know, they’re the ones who gave Imus the word in the first place, and if it weren’t for them, we would have been in the mess, right Neil Cavuto you cabbage headed ho. The media has got people believing that if it weren’t for those dirty rappers, the world would have never been in this mess. So stay tuned, as this three-ring circus is just starting and the clowns are making their way to the center.