You don’t have to be a genius to know how much publicity helps drive the Hip Hop machine just like any industry, and therefore there’s a certain amount of shit talking and fake rivalries that need to be created to help stir up the pot. But there has to come to a point where there’s at least some semblance of credibility when rappers pop shit off in one interview and they do the opposite in real life. Sure, Fifty’s got a new album dropping the same day as Kanye West on September 11th, his G-Unit soldiers are beating down kids, and when it comes to record sales, shit is down across the boards. But even though Curtis has got a lot on his mind (trying to figure out how to spend a $100 mill off the Vitamin Water deal is a take in and of itself), at least shoot straight playa. Lie about the Supreme shit, the amount of lead in your body, but don’t come off with comments like the ones below, and then show up less than a week later with your arms around dude, and running laps around the Hov on stage. From a recent interview with Fitty on Hip Hop site SOHH:

50 doesn’t like Jay-Z and Diddy. Wait, there’s more Fiddy. When SOHH asked if he gets competitive regarding Jiggaman and Puff’s business moves, the Queens rapper replied, “Nah. I don’t even like them.” When told that his words could be misconstrued without clarification, Fif responded, “I don’t give a fuck. “It doesn’t matter,” Fiddy continued. “They’re not the same kind of people [that I am]. In business, I respect what they do, [but] if we liked each other, we’d call each other to talk for no reason.”

Yet and here is at Screamfest with all his boys. And the rat packing didn’t stop there, these dudes were even toasting it up at Jay Z’s 40/40. Point is, you can say that crazy Cam’ron serial killer type all day long if you need to keep your name in the papers, but at least have the balls to back it a bit. Oh that’s right, he backed off that shit hot quick too.
Fifty, Kanye, Diddy, Jay Z/Photo: Getty/Scott Gries