p_zoom7_large.jpg There’s really no good reason for a NYer to visit Rhode Island except as a pass through state or for this:

A bill that would make Rhode Island’s medical marijuana law permanent is headed for House and Senate floor votes after the House Health, Education and Welfare Committee passed it on a 10-3 vote Tuesday and the Senate Health and Human Services Committee passed it on a unanimous voice vote Wednesday. Unless HB 6005 and its companion legislation in the Senate, SB 0791, pass, the Rhode Island medical marijuana program will be ended on June 30.

Although some would argue that sick people should be entitled to the medicinal benefits of marijuana Governor Carcieri, potentially suffering from ‘small state’ complex, ain’t having it and opposed making medical marijuana a permanent fixture. That doesn’t mean that all hope is lost though:
[R]hode Island legislators have overridden the governor’s veto once already on medical marijuana.
Hopefully history repeats itself.
Medical Marijuana: Bill to Make Rhode Island Law Permanent Passes House, Senate Committees |StoptheDrugWar]