20070531google.jpg Google wowed us all when they dropped the satellite feature for their maps a few years ago, and now they’re taking the whole surveying thing to all new levels with Google Street View:

As you may have heard, Google this week rolled out another beta feature that will
soon, depending on how things play out, either prove an innocuous time-waster or some sort of privacy-ending, terror-enabling, total-surveillance nightmare. It’s Street View, and it’s exactly what it sounds like: a ground-level Google Earth that plants you smack in the middle of a street rather than floating above it.

Sounds frighteningly amazing, and it should be interesting to see how many evil and nefarious uses the media will summon up when covering this story. Not to mention a gratuitous use of ‘I’ll Be Watching You” as background music for all the segments. In case you’re wondering how this new mobile Big Brother system works, the BoingBoingers show the vehicle and device that make it all possible. How fitting, they use a Bug.
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