Extreme Green Guerilla
: is Michiko Nitta’s graduation project at RCA, Design Interactions. She takes the green lifestyle to extreme levels, and focuses on 3 aspects of the daily grind: communication, food and death.
Unlikely pair: With custom everything being all the rage, the artisans at So Little Lions made quirky knock-off Vans featuring none other than Abraham Lincoln and Robert E. Lee. They’ll do whatever you want. Looking forward to seeing how well a KKK vs Black Panther version would go over.
Kerplunking Culture: The art dispensing vending machine known as the Art-o-mat celebrates ten years of “combining the worlds of art and commerce in an innovative form.”
Ignoring the ‘right’: They do get points for being edgy. Manhattan Mini Storage continues it’s quirky ad campaigns, this time scraping the Right To Lifers with a good ol’ fashioned hanger and abortion referencing billboard.