ensor20070409211438116-1.jpg The Korea Times did a piece on the arrival of London Police, Pez, and Flying Fortress. They recently landed in Seoul, Korea for a K-Swiss sponsored stencil exhibit. Sounding off like international ‘street art’ diplomats, they describe how their work is meant to spread cheer. But as much as the pan-European art trio admit to a love for creating beautiful ‘street art’ characters, they also mention their adoration of reckless bombing:

“Vandalism is a part of graffiti. I like this part too because art is not only meant to be nice and that everybody likes it, it’s also about rebellion among the youth. There is a lot of anger, hate and people are bored, unsatisfied. This is the energy of the youth and life,” Flying Fortress said.
Chaz said graffiti shows that despite efforts to control society there are still some who won’t bend to this control.
“You can try to tell people what to do, but if one kid wants to take out a can of spray paint and curse society, it shows you that we’re all humans. We are very different, very emotional people who cannot be put in the same mindset. …Graffiti reminds me that chaos is still above everything. And you cannot control everything,” Chaz said.

Shit like this just warms the heart.
Graffiti Artists Create Happy Icons |The Korea Times|