196535.jpgAs it is, entirely too much time is spent in front of this computer and the idea of spending even more, as a digital avatar walking around some Sims-type environment to meet other web weirdos just doesn’t seem like the best way to waste the day away. But it must be admitted that there’s always some level of news that is odious enough to warrant peeking at this virtual bizarro dimension. Although Second Lifers are known for making and selling all sorts of weird shit, there’s at least one person out there who’s got quite the mystical beastly fetish. Someone is offering “tiny, adorable baby unicorns that you can hold and cuddle.” But, since there’s no such thing as a free lunch, even in Second Life, you can only get attain one of these baby unicorns if you get raped by an adult one. That’s right, head over to some place called Sensual Stoneworks, find the mythically horny beast, and interspecies sex will spawn a cuddly unicorn you can call your own. Until the VLES starts offering some better rape options and gets it’s alpha testing out of the way, might as well stick with these kooks for the time being.
Baby Unicorns in Second Life – via interspecies sex |Boingboing|