Spotted in Chinatown-ish area, Manhattan
Newsday took a peek at notorious vandal JA who’s been causing beautiful destruction with spray paint since the 80’s and is still active. If you’re not up on the graffiti game, you’d better recognize him as ‘Snake’ of the Cobra Kai Dojo in The Karate Kid Part III. His pops, John Avildsen is an accomplished director who’s responsible for classics like Rocky, The Karate Kid, and Lean On Me and has even cast his hooligan son, real name Jonathan Avildsen, in minor roles. The most recent being Rocky V where he plays a drug addict, which ironically, is not far from the real life JA from what we hear. No graffiti story however, would be complete without a quote from secret graffiti fan and retired former Vandal Squad chieftain Steve Mona, who’s been riding the fame of vandalism more than the writers he’s been chasing in some cases. But even Mona can’t deny JA’s skills:

“He is a big deal,” says retired NYPD Lt. Steve Mona, who headed the Vandals Squad, tracking and arresting taggers. “There’s no doubt about that. He’s been around a long time, and he’s survived in a subculture for a lot longer than other people in the same subculture.”He’s the type of guy where, if he had a gallery opening, other people in the subculture would go to see.”

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