Meet Joey Marianek. He’s from Cleveland, and currently lives in Brooklyn. Before he landed in NYC, he attended the Rhode Island School of Design, where he interned for NY’s capo of design himself:
In his junior year he did an internship with no less a figure than Milton Glaser, who paid him in posters.
His second internship with cutting edge design gurus Pentagram, which later led to him being hired, is where he got a chance to work on the Shake Shake’s cups and identity. His design was motivated by the “roadside” food stand’s menu:
“They’re meant to be very architectural and un-delicious. I knew they didn’t have to be seductive, because the food would be great.”
Looks like this designer might have done too good of a job, once the mercury hits above 65 degrees that place is like a mini Penn Station.
New Visual Artists 2007: Joey Marianek |Print|