Nigo claims another “celebrity” victim. Last year, BAPE released a superhero line—think Underoos for adults—and the Batman hoodie was one in the series alongside Superman and The Flash sweaters. John Mayer was spotted in an airport or something on his way to the UK from Gotham, rocking the notorious crime-fighting garb that even comes with a mini-sidekick vinyl toy. They throw in these little doodads to help justify the villainous price of four hundred plus dollars. But there’s no way Johnny dropped a dime, he’s too down with the “fast crowd.” Check out his cool guy credentials that let him venture far south, past Houston Street even: blogging on Honeyee, Alife Sessions with Just Blaze, and even speaking Japanese to fuck with the press.
Nanananana…Batman leaving Gotham City? |Ohnotheydidnt-LiveJournal|